Source code and supplementary data

Supplementary Dataset DS1: cMap Drugs prototype ranked lists

Compressed tab delimited txt file containing the ‘prototype ranked lists’ of genes for all the drug contained in the connectivity map dataset, computed as described in Iorio et al, PNAS 2010.

How to reproduce results and figures presented in the manuscript?

To start:

Required libraries:

Make sure you have the following libraries installed (all available on the CRAN repository):

To install them use the following command from the RStudio console:


replacing [] with each of the library names listed above, in turn.

Working directory creation:

Download and unzip the following compressed folder: or from GitHub

Once uncompressed, the content of this folder and its sub-folders should not be changed. Files in the OUTPUT subfolder (initially empty) can be moved and/or deleted.

Working directory setup:

To set the working directory to IorioEtAl_R_code_and_objects use the following command from the RStudio console:


replacing [path] with the path of the IorioEtAl_R_code_and_objects directory.

Ready to go!

To reproduce results and figure presented in our manuscript execute the commands contained in the following pipelines:

Network guided iterative connectivity mapping pipeline

Pipeline for predictive ability validation through the signature reversion paradigm


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