mistyR 1.0.3

  • Fixed display of messages and progress during view generation.
  • Improved plotting control and display.
  • Fixed handling of NaN in results.
  • Vignette output switched from BiocStyle to rmarkdown for pdfs due to BiocStyle issue.

mistyR 1.0.2

  • Bugfix: models built with different parameters stored and retrieved from the same cache file.
  • Avoid calls to os-dependent file.info in tests.

mistyR 1.0.1

  • Bugfix: passing arguments to ranger.
  • Warnings on clearing nonexistent cache folders and tests of performance.
  • Increased test coverage.

mistyR 1.0.0

  • Release version for Bioconductor 3.13.

mistyR 0.99.11

  • Fixed a bug in Nystrom approximation for creating paraview.
  • Added a suite of tests with high coverage.
  • Cleaner cache control.

mistyR 0.99.9

Revisions requested by Bioconductor

  • Removed magrittr from dependencies. Reexported pipe operator. Removed from examples.
  • Caching turned off by default.
  • Added parameter for appending performance and coefficient files in run_misty.
  • Internal functions in views.R are now explicit.
  • Removed alternatives and additional examples for function use from documentation.
  • Removed redundant messages, escalated to warnings where required.
  • run_misty cleans up empty cache directories.
  • Vignette compatibility with the new release of SpatialExperiment.
  • Remove Seurat vignette from package due to missing hdf5r binary for R 4.1 on CRAN for MacOS.

Other changes

  • README.md figures moved to the cloud.
  • All passed paths and cache location are normalized.
  • Changes in the mistyR vignette to reflect changes to insilico evaluation from the paper.

mistyR 0.99.0

  • Version with vignettes ready to submit to Bioconductor.

mistyR 0.1.0 (MISTy)

  • Initial beta release of mistyR (named as MISTy) with function documentation.