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Returns the default CARNIVAL options as a list. You can modify the elements of the list and then use it as an argument in run_COSMOS_metabolism_to_signaling or run_COSMOS_signaling_to_metabolism. If you choose CPLEX or CBC, you must modify then the solverPath field and point to the CPLEX/CBC executable (See Details).


default_CARNIVAL_options(solver = NULL)



one of `cplex` (recommended, but require 3rd party tool), `cbc` (also require 3rd party tool) or `lpSolve` (only for small networks)


returns a list with all possible options implemented in CARNIVAL. see the documentation on runCARNIVAL.


COSMOS is dependent on CARNIVAL for exhibiting the signalling pathway optimisation. CARNIVAL requires the interactive version of IBM Cplex, Gurobi or CBC-COIN solver as the network optimiser. The IBM ILOG Cplex is freely available through Academic Initiative here. Gurobi license is also free for academics, request a license following instructions here. The CBC solver is open source and freely available for any user, but has a significantly lower performance than CPLEX or Gurobi. Obtain CBC executable directly usable for cosmos here. Alternatively for small networks, users can rely on the freely available lpSolve R-package, which is automatically installed with the package.


# load and change default options: 
my_options = default_CARNIVAL_options(solver = "cplex")
my_options$solverPath = "/Applications/CPLEX_Studio128/cplex/bin/x86-64_osx/cplex"
my_options$threads = 2
my_options$timelimit = 3600*15